It’s not just the site with sports tips. Its a community of sports fans and journalists who donate money for charity, create content and cause emotions.


Charitybets - it’s a space for the quality sports journalism and charity, and it is more than just a website.

At this site charity (donations) becomes a habitual routine just as watching the matches of your favourite team at the weekend. Oh, and it’s also your new source of daily news.

Every week, the founder of the website will present the match previews and predictions for some central football matches in the fun ironic manner. If prediction of the author failes, he will pay 10 EUR to the fund. If his prediction wins, every reader will have a chance to donate a certain sum (potential return).

In this way the author will try to save all emotions and interest that the prediction creates. Thus good intentions will always win.

In the end of the season, after the WC 2018 all of us will decide which charity organisations will receive the money from the created pull of donations.

It’s the test version of the site and we need your support to create something bigger, global and more comfortable than you see now. You can donate personally to the author if you want to help.

Drop us a line to for more info.